June 30, 2011

I'm so professional...

I've been wearing my cardigan with one sleeve ripped for the past week because I've been ridiculously cold at work. Gelia now knows how professional I am ;-)

June 23, 2011

Things I like:

Free Fancy Coffee Day :-) lemon herb tea for me please!!

Beautiful Momma.

Went to the gym and out to breakfast this morning with mom! Best way to start the day!

June 21, 2011

Growing up I had always wanted a beagle...

Marc.. On the other hand...

Fell in love with this guy....

Take me home mom!

Marc and I went to the pet store last night, we (more specifically me) fell in love with this soft coated wheaten terrier... Some day buddy!

June 20, 2011

Love me some leftovers!

Last nights moon flowers.

For those of you who don't know what moon flowers are... They look like a weed during the day and bloom for about 12 hours maximum, opening only at dusk... Its always cool to watch them open...

Crackle nail polish...

Thanks to my 13 year old cousin I can stay in the loop for 'what's cool'...

Fathers day cookout. Absolutely delicious!!

June 4, 2011

gloomy saturday.

Well I have successfully completed my first week of work.. easy as pie.. especially considering it was only 3 days long! haha I could get use to that! Too bad it's wicked gloomy, raining and I'm still in my pjs at 1149 on my first saturday off.  It has totally been a curl up on the couch and read a book kind of day.  I've spent the last few nights at home, hanging with the rents, exercising with mom and just hanging out.  It's nice to come home to a home cooked meal and just relax for the night.  But things really need to change.  I need to join a gym and get into a daily habit of going and working my butt off at a gym so I can enjoy my evenings and not feel pressured to get right to the gym.  I need to make that change in my life because I want my post summer body back from last year and I have all intentions of working hard to get it back!  I think if I join the gym I'll take spinning/body sculpt classes every morning at 6:15, which gives me time to walk on treadmill and take a shower and get ready for work to get there by 8:30.  It's so hard handing over so much money for a gym membership when we have a gym at the office, but I need to remind myself that I can't get as goof of a work out there compared to at the gym taking a class.  I owe this to myself.

I finally found my uploader for my phone pictures so I'll leave you with the past week's photos... I promise I will start doing a better job at updating my blog.  Maybe it's something I can do during my lunch break at work...

Mom found this gem in her clothes closet upstairs.  For whatever reason she seems to be fascinated by
 stingers in bees so she cam down to not only  show me the size of this bee on steroids
 but also to see how ginormous the stinger was.
I should have taken a picture of the actual present but I always love the Garrison wrapping.
Underneath was  a framed drawing of Ithaca College, Marc has a matching frame with Canisius College.  
Seems fitting because it is currently storming, but this was a storm we faced about a week ago.
 It rained non stop but it was the  kind of storm you liked.
One where Marc and I turned off all of the lights, laid in bed and watched the lightening color the sky. 
Took my little cousin, who isn't so little anymore actually.. she is going to be in highschooll next year, AH!!!!
Anyways, I took her dress shopping for her 8th grade formal dance. This dress was the winner :-)
I got a little nervous before my interview, at my now job (wow this seems like forever ago) so I went to the
 pet store around the corner and played with the kitties to calm my nerves a little.
potential fish tank for my desk? tempting... 
Found this abandoned egg on the ground and found the nearest nest  to put it in...
My dad continued to tell me that the chances of this egg being adopted or found
were slim and not to get my hopes up but a girl can dream. 

bought some of my dad's favorite dessert for him, something I also learned to share with
my roommate Melanie so I sent her this picture with an 'I miss you" note. 
cleaned and organized my great aunts garage and closets... BEFORE.
AFTER, other side.
yes to home cooked meals <3  
"congrats on your first big girl job" present from the Garrisons.. again with the wrapping , love it!!
The actual gift is a few photos down..
Just for you Marco, What is this PF Chang's?
new place of employment, Gelia :-)
Desk the first day = BORINGGGG
starting to jazz the place up with my new paper weight thanks to the Garrisons
Company Gym..
Another view...
See you often treadmill and tv... 
My calendar for July weekends are starting to fill up....
starting to spruce the place up!  This isn't my entire space, there is way
more but it's not decorated much so I didn't think it was worth the shot...