March 28, 2011

Slaying bitches.

(that was for you annie.)

Okay.. so I have been virtually invisible on my blog since my vacation to florida, which was fantastic by the way.  Here's a little update on my life for the past 3 months...

FLORIDA = AMAZING!! We spent everyday going to a barely populated beach.  It was typically us laying out, the locals surfing, and a few others walking around on a garbage-less and seaweed-less beach.  It could not have been more relaxing.  If we didn't head to the beach we stayed at my grandma's house and laid next to the pool.  I would wake up, go for a run or a swim, take a shower, Key Meg and Cat would start to wake up and we would have breakfast out in the sun room, pack a cooler full of lunches and snacks, head to the beach for the day, head back for a home cooked dinner (made by yours truly and my grandma!) , and have drinks and watch a movie in the screened in porch.  Honestly, I'm pretty much over the whole go get plastered every weekend and be a mess the next day so this vacation was perfect.  As most of you know I'm typically a one drink girl and I'm a little silly so it was great.  Between the beach, sun and drinks we were all feeling great by the end of the night for our movie!

Highlights of my spring break: hanging out with my grams and bill, my new hat from the flea market, new found love for Oats Revolution oatmeal (YUMM Cinnamon Roll), fantastic weather, boogie boarding, airboat ride, meeting Larry (the Gopher Tortoise) and absolutely NO school work for the week.
Dinner with Grams <3 
Cat, Meg, Myself, Key @ dinner
Airboat ride!!!  A florida family tradition.
ED TECH DAY: what a great event!  I had so much fun planning this day, and when it came down to it not only was the event great but the coordination team dinner afterwards was a story of its own.  Get a bunch of geeks together on 3 hours of sleep and 21 hours of work in the past 36 hours and give them all a drink and boy do they let loose!  My typically straight laced coordination team turned into giggly school girls at dinner.   Below is a picture of about half of the venue during the early morning hours, it was so packed you could barely move around it there.

RELAY FOR LIFE: This year we broke away from Cornell and had our own RFL here on Ithaca's Campus.  It ended up being a great venue and had a great turnout all things considering.  There were ‎881 Participants, 99 teams and $73,381 was raised.  I was there from 6-10 ish and walked just about the entire time.  I met up with Annie and Meg and walked the night away.  I was still feeling loopy from only getting 45 min of sleep between wednesday and thursday so I didn't even make it close to staying the entire time.  

COMING UP THIS WEEK: dun dun dun... NCUR (National Conference on Undergrad Research) will be held on Ithaca Campus.  AKA madness.  It is expected that some 6,000 people will be visiting between Wednesday and Saturday.  EEK!!  All classes are cancelled on Thursday and Friday and students are expected to stay out of the way essentially.  I, on the other hand have decided to volunteer at this event.  Crazy right?  I don't know why I'm doing this.  On thursday and friday, on top of work, school work and trying to make an appearance and the girls lax game I will be volunteering.  I am in charge of sign-age around campus so my duty will be to continually walk around campus making sure all signs are visible, in good shape, correct and updated.  At least I'll be walking around all Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and not sitting on my bum!

Alright.  That's all I have for now folks, have to get studying and doing homework!  Sorry about the delay in update.  I promise I will start to update more!  Just had to get this dreaded massive update out of the way...

March 15, 2011

March 11, 2011

warm weather; here we come.

Travel Plans:
Ithaca --> Philly.  night in Philly @ cat's casa. Fly Philly --> Atlanta. 2 hour layover. Fly Atlanta --> Melbourne.  Arrive at Grams by 10 pm. aka OFFICIALLY VACATION.

Plans for vacation?  RELAX. read for fun (for the first time this semester). lay out by the pool.  spend days at the beach. boogie board like I used to do when I was little. make family dinners. visit with my grandma and bill. enjoy myself. take lots of photos. get tan. shop. go to the flea market. watch sunsets on the river. spot as many dolphins as possible. take long walks on the beach. get my camera out and snap away! mingle with the old people. go out for st. patty's day.  play shuffle board with bill. sleep in. try to still eat healthy. work out on occasion. enjoy the week. :-)

I will try my hardest to update my blog on a regular basis, but I may just enjoy my time off the grid and blog via phone.  have a great week everyone!!

March 10, 2011

to the greatest parents in the world...


I cannot even begin to explain how much you two mean to me.  You both have taught me so much, as individuals and as a couple.  I hope that one day my children will look up to me like I look up to you.  I love you both.  Thank you for everything you have ever done for me and for your unconditional love. 


Lately I've been letting the small stuff really bother me.  I've also been allowing other people's actions get on my nerves a little too much.  I follow allot of blogs so all of the quotes are from them.  I honestly have a folder on my desktop dedicated to photos I want to someday put on my blog and I figure now is a good time to share a few.  These just remind me to not sweat the small stuff and I can choose to be in a better mood.  Take a breath kate.

March 8, 2011

inside tour of the A&E Center

Today I had the opportunity to go on a tour of the inside of the new(er) A&E Center.  It was great to get a look at the building while it's being constructed and before it was completely finished.  I can't wait to come back next year to see it completely finished and take a look back at these photos and have something to compare it to.  
pool view from the bleachers - this pool will hold 1 MILLION gallons of water. 
indoor track / tennis courts / performance area
Pool view from main entrance.

president's box overlooking the turf / where performers will hang out pre/post concerts

to be hallway
to be entryway from the turf / parking lot area

March 1, 2011


stole this from my friend Brittany who is new to blogging... love this video Britt, had to share it with others!