May 28, 2011

What a whirlwind.

In the past 6 days I have graduated college, moved out of my apartment and back home, spent 3 nights at Marc's apartment, had 3 interviews, and got a marketing job.  First of all... the picnic at the park and graduation was great.  It was awesome to spend time with my family and friends from school for the final hooray.  

I had interviews this week at two different places and was offered a job at an integrated marketing firm in the Buffalo area.  I start on wednesday @ a company named Gelia.  I am super excited and one of the best parts about this job... I'll be about 2 miles away from my best friend Lisa and we both have an hour lunch break so we have talked about meeting up every so often to get together!  Beyond excited.  I promise I will blog more about my job once I actually start it ;-)

Not too much else has gone on, and while graduation was only a week ago tomorrow it feels like FOREVER ago and I don't have the urge to write anything about it right now so maybe down the road I will be feeling mushy about it and write it all down here.  Instead, I'm just going to share a bunch of photos with ya'll that I took between the picnic and graduation.  Enjoy!!

Marc and Kree @ the picnic.
cake (mom was super sweet and brought me my own gluten free cake so I wasn't left out when everyone had a slice!)
Mia, Mar, Lou, Mel, Cat, Key, Myself, Chad, Meg
a toast to the seniors <3 
sharing their own toast, marc and my daddio.
Meg, Me, Key, Tous and Abby all lined up and ready to go!
post graduation photos with mom and dad
love this picture!
Just the 4 of us. 
with my marco
fountain shot!
again with mom and dad... I loved my dress so much I made everyone take two sets one with cap and gown and one without :-)
Could not have asked for a better support group for the past 4 years.
a little jumpin' action...
us with our mommas <3 
us with our daddys/brother
tearful goodbyes see you laters.
Meg and I holding the Roy H. Park School of Communications sign!
Amanda, Anny, Tori, Tony, Myself, Key, Meg
Officially a graduate!!   I sent this photo to family members who
couldn't make it so they would feel a little part of my special day.
proud parents (mostly happy to be done with college payments!)
final walk on campus.  See you later Ithaca College... you have been good to me.

May 20, 2011

Grab somebody sexy tell 'em hey.

Last night was the senior semi formal and it was, like everything else this week, an absolute blast.  The theme was fire and ice and decorated accordingly.  I had a bunch of my friends come over to my apartment and we all got ready together.  It totally felt like prom all over again, which is funny because it's that time of the year and prom photos have been popping up all over the place on facebook. Like prom, it was so nice to see everyone dressed up.  I don't know what it was about last night or what made it so special but it was great to see everyone dressed in their best.  Maybe it's because I'm so used to seeing everyone in sweats or in grummy clothes but everyone looked stunning.  

This morning I slept in until 10, headed up to campus for brunch and did a little shopping at target.  My sister headed into town around 5 and I picked her up from Enterprise and then we headed for a walk to the falls behind the high school.  It was nice to be walking around Ithaca with my sister, showing her the places I run, my favorite houses, the places I go to eat, where I like to shop.  Everything. In my typical senior week style she suggested we go someplace to eat that neither of us have been so we picked a place from my bucket list and headed there for dinner.

THe lucky restaurant: Uncle Joe's Sports Bar and Grill.  Looking back, it makes me so sad that it took until my senior year and last week here to do all of these different things.  I realized that I don't have the opportunity to say 'oh I'll do that later'.  Nope, I either do it now, or miss out on the opportunity.  I know that I'll be back again, to watch games, alumni weekend, etc. but it won't be the same.  I'll come back with whoever and have one meal and head back and that will be that. 

After a great dinner, we walked to meet my roommates Mel and Meg and we drove to College Town to get FroYo at Jason's.  Again, this was a first for me and it's probably a good thing.  IT WAS DELICIOUS.  I am still absolutely stuffed from it and it's been like 4 hours since we had dinner and dessert.  After dessert we came back to our apartment, watched Private Practice and now we're topping off the night with 500 Days of Summer.  Like the first time I attempted to watch the movie, I will probably go to bed before the movie is finished.  One day I will watch the entire thing.  One day.

Tomorrow brings crossing out a few more final things on my bucket list, a picnic @ stewart park with family and LOTS of friends and then maybe some fireworks on campus and one final night out on the town.  Gotta get ready for the big day on sunday ;-)  If I don't post tomorrow or sunday it's because I'm busy.  I know, I know.  I was just getting into the swing of things but I promise I will be back at it in a few days.
Elise, Meg, Mel, Myself, Mar, Key and Laura.  Getting ready at my apartment.
Maley, Abby, Key, Myself, Mel, Meg and Ashley... @ the dance.
Chad and I matched quite well so we decided to take that opportunity
 for a cliche 'prom pose picture'  I think we look quite nice!
Michael Chadley Dexter DeLuca ladies and gentlemen.
quick picture of my hairdo, simple and elegant.  (I think!)
found this little gem @ target.  love this concept... might have to buy myself one of these post
graduation for a little inspiration to save money to put towards something special.
Also loved this wall piece.  Again, might have to buy myself this post graduation.
Kree posing at a place I hope to take pictures at (what do you think mom? - it's close to my
apartment and I think it would be a great little backdrop for a change of scenery).
Kree liked this garden so I took a picture.  No other explanation, sorry!
Finally made it to the falls!
Eat @ Uncle Joe's
We watched a guy making bong pipes for a while... 
FroYo from Jasons... bad/great idea!!!

May 19, 2011

wait what day is it?

I have completely lost all sense of time.  Yesterday and today have been an absolute blur.  It took me looking at the pictures I took on my phone to remember everything that actually happened.  Alright... so...wednesday: got up, went to the senior splash for a indoor (because of the rain) BBQ where Meg and I sumo wrestled (which was an absolute blast), we headed to the bookstore to check on the merchandise one final time, picked up my gap and gown (boo $60 down the drain for a silly cap and gown. boo.) jumped into the fountain!!!!!!! (a ithaca college senior tradition to jump in the fountains, which only is allowed on that day only and to seniors).

I jumped from the fountain into my car (soaking wet bra and all) to drive to canisius to go to Marc's MBA graduation with his mom, dad and grandma.  It was much shorter then last years longgggg graduation.  I sat next to a girl who had on the EXACT SAME DRESS.  Grandma Craig told me my tush looked better ;-)

I got up in the morning and headed to an interview (cross your fingers, I hear back next week).  I went home and unpacked some stuff that I brought back, hung out with scummer, and we walked to Candy Apple to have lunch with my daddio.  After lunch I headed back to school for one final time... I'm taking a little breather to blog and getting ready for our semi-formal tonight.... I will post pictures tomorrow!

got myself a nice little towel and matching sunglasses!
bbq lunch (corn, watermelon, hamburger and potatoes)
the aftermath of our wrestling match
I have blogged this photo before and still love this gnome more then ever.
One day I'll buy this little guy and put him in my garden!
The aftermath of senior splash ... 
Marc's Graduation...
Marc A. Garrison <3 
I was trying to show how big this strawberry is compared to my nose
(which is rather large to begin with) but it was an absolute fail. 
take 2, FAIL 2.
Marc blasted this song last night at his apartment and taught me how to 'properly dance' to it so when
it came on in  my car on the drive home I was dying laughing (and may have practiced a little too....)

Alright... I'm off to go get dressed for our Fire and Ice semi-formal tonight... have a great night everyone!!

May 18, 2011

Oh you fancy huh?

Yesterday was quite the day.  I got up in the morning and attempted an 8 mile run, but after I got lost I just wasn't feeling it.  It was raining during the entire run, but for whatever reason it was one of those runs where the rain was perfect.  At one point I stopped at a waterfall and just let the rain soak me and I enjoyed the minute of absolute quiet.  In my opinion, the rain made it that much better, I just felt so alive.

After showering quick I headed to Waffle Frolic with Key and Jess, who just got back from studying abroad in Germany.  It was so nice to see her and go to breakfast, which was FANTASTIC.  We spent a little over an hour there just catching up and enjoying our meals.  Again, they were SO good.  I would go back 100 times more if I had the time and had an unlimited income.

Yet again, it rained here so our original plans to go on a booze cruise were crushed because none of us wanted to endure wind, rain and the cold in the middle of the lake so Meg, Key, Cat, Elise, Jess and I headed to the mall to go see Bridesmaids.  The movie was really funny, and we considered it the female version of The Hangover.  

After dinner we got a fancied up and headed to The Lake Watch Inn for drinks and desserts.  The pictures I took on my phone do not do the place justice.  It was basically just a barn, with a dance floor and table on the bottom floor then the second floor was like a balcony, overlooking the dance floor.  We all decided that it would be a great place to have a wedding reception at and were trying to think of how else we could utilize this space in the future.  The lighting was fantastic, the ceiling had lights that alternated, kinda making it look like a starry night sky, there was a disco ball and these big globe ish looking balls/lights that totally just added to the decor.  The one man band was also fantastic.  We stood up on the balcony for quite some time just watching people dance and watching this man perform.  Such a beautiful, classy and elegant event.  We felt so grown up and sophisticated going to an event like this all dressed up.  It was great!

We came back, got in sweat pants and I hung out with my roommates Mel and Meg and just relaxed for the evening and watched some tv.  It was a nice little break from the drinking and crazyness... or so I thought.
Eat @ Waffle Frolic 
Gluten free waffle with chocolate chips and fresh strawberries.  Delish.
Looking down @ the crowd
One man (amazing) band.
Key and I @ the Lake Watch Inn

May 17, 2011

the few, the proud, the sexy. HICCUP.

Yesterday I did two things that pretty much took up the entire day.  My morning started off with a quick workout (and by quick I mean like 10 minutes because half way though I just didn't feel like working out anymore and stopped).  After my 'workout' us senior athletes headed to the 2011 Senior Athlete Luncheon on Campus for some awards and lots of food and desert!
After that we came back to the apartment and just hung out until around 4 when we got together for pub golf.  For those of you who are  not familiar with the game, you go to 18 different bars (we had 18 picked out between Cornell and Ithaca... don't worry everyone we walked everywhere) and at each bar, we got a pitcher of beer and split it between everyone that was there.  Depending on the size of the glass we came up with a par and everyone had to keep track of their scores (by the end of the night we were basically scribbling on our arms, which you totally cannot make sense of now that i'm looking at it).  Before your first drink at every place each person had to yell 'FORE!'.  We started off with 6 people, picked some people up along the way and lost a few.  By the last one there were 5 of us, 4 of us that had made it through the entire game.  

Lessons learned from pub golf: in order to make it through the entire 18 holes, get small glasses to split between everyone, make sure you get food at atleast 2 places, have a mandatory water break, always have your camera out, and be ready for the little gems of bars you had no idea about... these ones happened to be the best.  
Outfit for the luncheon 
This was cat, at bar 15.  And this is where the title of this post comes into play...
The few, the proud, the sexy. Hiccup.