May 19, 2010

My Trip To Boston

well, words cannot describe how happy I am.  I had an AMAZING weekend in Mass.  I went down with Marc and his parents to stay at Jill and Chris' house in Nahant Mass.  Nahant is this tiny island/peninsula about 45 minutes outside of the city.   We flew in early saturday morning, and went right into the city to do a duck boat tour.  The tour itself lasted about 80 minutes and it was both on land and water and took us all around Boston.   After the duck tour we walked to Quincey market for lunch then headed for ice cream before taking the T back to Jill's house.  After a longgg cat nap we got up and had some pizza (from Salem Falls aka the witches made our pizza) for dinner.  We spent the rest of the night just hanging around catching up with everyone.

Sunday, our first thing on the agenda: WHALE WATCHHHH!!  We met up with Chris' family (his mom, dad, brother and brother's girlfriend) so our party was a full house, there were 10 of us in total.  Oh my gosh, how incredible that boat ride was.  We didn't see anything but seas for the longest time, and then all of a sudden everywhere you looked there were whales.  Whales, dolphins, whales, dolphins EVERYWHERE.  I couldn't take the pictures fast enough.  I was like a 10 year old, actually, I was happier than a ten year old.  The entire whale watch lasted about 5 hours so when that was done we went straight home to have a lobster dinner!!  I have learned that the Tura family does NOT mess around when it comes to eating lobster.  Literally no meat goes uneaten.  Michael (Chris' brother) walked me through eating the entire lobster.  I have to admit, I was quite proud of myself for eating a majority of the meat.  After the Tura's left it was quite late and we all pretty much went to bed.

Monday, we got up and went for a walk in the morning.  Well, marc and I went for quite the hike.  We got the directions wrong for where to meet up with them and we literally walked to each end of the island.  We finally made it to our destination, a place called 40 steps.  This is the exact location that they shot some scenes from the movie Shutter Island.  They actually constructed a lighthouse on some of the rocks in that location, shot the movie then tore it down.  The views were spectacular.  I was literally speechless.  After that we walked back near the beach and looked at all of the beautiful houses.  These houses must have been worth millions and had amazing views of the City.  We spent the rest of the day hanging out around the house, walking on the beach and looking at photos from the trip.  That night, we went into Salem Falls for dinner at a place called Beer Works.  It was pretty neat there, they make all of their own beer right in the restaurant.  Marc had blueberry beer that actually had blueberries in it that kept on floating and sinking in the glass.  Mrs Garrison kept on calling it the blueberry lava lamp beer.  Because I don't like beer I had hard cider, which turns out to be delicious.  After dinner we headed home and went to bed for the night.

We woke up Tuesday morning and headed to the airport.  Not 5 minutes after we landed I found out that I got the internship that I applied for in East Aroura at a place called Cenergy.  I start on Monday.  I am beyond pumped.

I really had a great time this weekend, it was just what I needed.

May 5, 2010

tricky tricky

may parents truly are a team.  I've been sick for the past week and after denying my mom day after day about going to the health center, my dad called and laid down the law.  See you tomorrow health center.

windows vs. mac

May 4, 2010


I may never fully understand why this thing is called the fish bowl.

Things I'm looking forward to....

Boston. End of junior year. Not being sick. Walking with mom. Mazia's pizza. Breakfast at candy apple. Going downtown with the gang. Campfires. Tacos in a bag. Annual summer camping trip. My internship. Cuddling with bella. Spending all day and night with marc. Soft serve ice cream. Being able to walk roller blade or bike to all the places I need to get to. Epic field hockey with the best girls ever (college ball). Watching tv at night with my dad. Driving the gem car. Pre field hockey game rides with my sister and the dixie chix. Aunt dee dee's pool. Trying out the new ice cream place in town. Swink coming to visit. Letting george explore his new outside home. Working out with lisa. The lake weekend. Taking the train to visit laurie with lee. Going to the galleria mall. Ted's hot dogs. Iron man 2. Michigan.
Yea, I'm ready for summer... 8 days baby, 8 days.